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Il TDS 744A Tektronix acquisisce il segnale responsabile di errore nel word processor a colori Sharp:
  (WebID: 14690)
Corporate Article 10-dic-2001
Tecnologia digitale in tempo reale Tektronix e mercato degli oscilloscopi a basso costo:
DRT acquisition technology has provided a platform for high-performance digital scopes at all price points. It overcomes the traditional limitations of digital storage scopes, and therefore is ideally suited for applications in the manufacturing, education, and service fields-applications traditionally claimed by analog scopes. The TDS 210 and TDS 220 are low-cost DRT-based oscilloscopes optimized for these applications. Real-world users will find the scopes' performance better than analog scopes. Moreover, the TDS 210 and TDS 220 provide a host of automated digital functions that will enhance productivity wherever they are used. These new products will hasten the final transition to digital scopes.  (WebID: 14302)
Backgrounder 01-gen-2001

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