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Tektronix Unveils New Logo, Brand Strategy
New Identity Showcases Emphasis on Eliminating Barriers between Inspiration and Realization of World Changing Technologies
(WebID: 22518)
Oklahoma Broadcaster Turns to Tektronix Sentry for Quality Assurance, FCC Compliance
Griffin Communications Uses Sentry to Monitor Growing Volumes of Content and Demonstrate Compliance with CALM Act for Audio Levels
(WebID: 22521)
Tektronix WFM8300 4K/UHD Waveform Monitor Wins New Bay Media Product Innovation Award
Offers the Industry’s Most Comprehensive 4K/UHD Support
(WebID: 22522)
Tektronix Debuts Family of Compact, Standalone DC Electronic Loads
New Keithley Series 2380 Supports a Wide Range of DC Power Test Applications Including Power Electronics, LED Lighting, Battery Research, Automotive, Alternative Energy and More
(WebID: 22519)
New Solution Boosts Accuracy of High-Speed Signal Measurements
Tektronix Introduces SignalCorrect Software, TCS70902 Calibration Source to Quickly Characterize and De-embed Interconnects
(WebID: 22515)
New Source Measure Unit Addresses High-Power Device Measurement Applications
Tektronix Announces Graphical 2461 SourceMeter® Instrument for Observing and Characterizing True Device Operation Up to 10A, 1000 Watts
(WebID: 22510)
Tektronix and TE SubCom Partner on Optical Modulation Analysis Measurements
Innovative Interleaving Approach Provides Excellent Signal Fidelity to Meet Long-Haul Optical Testing Needs
(WebID: 22513)
Tektronix Introduces New Signal Creation and AWG Control Software Platform
PC-Based SourceXpress Platform Offers Remote Control of Tektronix AWGs, Introduces Versatile Plug-in Architecture for Waveform Creation Modules
(WebID: 22491)
Tektronix Expands Integrated Instrument Portfolio with MDO4000C Mixed Domain Oscilloscope
New Series Combines Up to 6 Instruments in 1 Unit; Provides Synchronized Views of Analog, Digital Waveforms and Spectrum Traces
(WebID: 22492)
Tektronix Unveils Cost-Effective, Versatile Electrochemistry Lab Systems
New Solution Lowers Instrumentation Costs; Makes Running Lab Experiments Faster, Easier
(WebID: 22490)

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