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Microwave/Counter/Analyzer & Integrated Power Meter 
MCA3000 Series
The MCA3000 Microwave Counter Series outperforms every microwave counter on the market today in terms of resolution, speed, and acquisition time. Including...
(3CI-25557-0, WebID: 17466)
Tektronix FCA3000 and FCA3100 Series
The FCA3000 and FCA3100 Timer/Counter/Analyzer Series pack many different functions into one feature-rich instrument. With industry-leading frequency and...
(3CI-25556-0, WebID: 17465)
Digital Multimeters 
Tektronix DMM4050 and DMM4040
The Tektronix DMM4050 and DMM4040 6.5 digit bench multimeters pack many different functions and analysis into one instrument, all with exceptional precision...
(3MI-23595-0, WebID: 16043)
Digital Multimeters 
Tektronix DMM4020
The Tektronix DMM4020 5.5 digit bench multimeter offers a broad range of functions in one easy-to-use instrument. Typical multimeter measurements – volts, ohms, and...
(3MI-24431-0, WebID: 16044)
Oscilloscopi ai fosfori digitali 
Serie MSO2000 • Serie DPO2000
Strumenti con funzionalità complete per il debug di progetti a segnali misti
(3GI-22048-0, WebID: 14403)
Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes 
DPO4000 Series
DPO4000 Series Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes
(48I-19032-10, WebID: 13407)
Generatori arbitrari e di funzioni 
AFG3011 • AFG3021B • AFG3022B • AFG3101 • AFG3102 • AFG3251 • AFG3252
Generatori arbitrari e di funzioni
(76I-18656-3, WebID: 13567)
Oscilloscopi ai fosfori digitali 
Serie TDS3000C
Serie TDS3000C Oscilloscopi ai fosfori digitali
(41I-12482-17, WebID: 13406)
Multimetri a vero valore efficace TX3, TX1, con interfaccia opzionale WSTRM per PC 
This data sheet is discontinued
(3MI-11866-2, WebID: 13874)
Oscilloscopio a memoria digitale 
Serie TDS1000B • Serie TDS2000B
Oscilloscopio a memoria digitale
(3GI-19558-2, WebID: 13295)

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