What is TekAMS?

Saturday , July , 11, 2020

Tektronix provides a variety of licenses depending on the product. The product license administration is through Tektronix Asset Management System (TekAMS). TekAMS has an easy to use web based interface that provides:

  • Inventory of all the licenses in the company account
  • Ability to Check-out a License
  • Ability to Check-in a License
  • Inventory of Licenses Checked out by a particular user
  • Inventory of all Licenses Checked out

TekAMS works like a library - a library of your company's software licenses.

  1. The company buys a software license. The person identified on the Tektronix Order becomes a "License Key Manager"
  2. That license becomes part of the company license inventory.
  3. A License Key Manager can invite other users to use the company license inventory. They can create other License Key Managers, or they can invite a "License Key User" who only has the ability to use the licenses available.
  4. When a user wants to use a license, they will "checkout" that license to the instrument.
  5. Some licenses can be installed on Tek manufactured equipment, or PC/Table devices running Tek software.
  6. During the check out process, you will need a combination of the Model name, Serial Number, and Host ID of the instrument.
  7. If the license you are checking out is of a "Floating" variety, you will be asked to specify the length of the check out. This can be between 4 hours, and 4 years.
  8. If the license is a "Node Locked" variety, the checkout will be forever and you are not asked for the duration.
  9. Download the license file and install it on your device.
  10. If the license is a "Floating" license, when you are done using the license, use the instrument software to generate an "exit key". This is a file that tells us you have removed the license from the device.
  11. You must then check in the license by uploading that "exit key".
  12. Once checked in, the license now becomes available for someone else to check out.