System Outage for 25-FEB 5pm to 26-FEB 10am PT

Tuesday , February , 22, 2022
TekAMS will be unavailble for customer access between 25-FEB and 26-FEB between 5pm Pacific time until approximately 10am on Saturday. Please plan accordingly.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

As of 25-FEB 22:30 PT, the upgrade has been completed. Systems should be back to normal.

System Outage for 13-NOV 10pm to 14-NOV 6am PT

Monday , November , 08, 2021

Due to scheduled network infrastructure upgrade, TekAMS may have intermittant availability between Saturday 13-Nov and Sunday 14-Nov between 10pm and 6am Pacific Time. Please plan accordingly.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

System Outage for 9-April 2pm to Monday 12-April 5pm PT

Friday , April , 09, 2021

Some functions of TekAMS will be unavailable on from Friday 9-April 2pm until Monday 12-April 5pm Pacific Daylight Time for a scheduled maintenance event.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Welcome to the New TekAMS

Wednesday, November , 11, 2020

Tek is pleased to announce the general availability of the new TekAMS - License Management System.

This new interface is designed to be a single point of contact for all things software license related.

We have included links to downloadable software, manuals and datasheets for licenses, expanded the use of filters and paging widgets to help you find what you want quickly and easily. Notifications sent via email are now visible in the application.

We have tried to put help in all the right places to help you succeed in managing your licenses. We are building a library of short videos to walk you through a number of different transactions.

If the online help or videos are not answering your question, if you see areas for improvement, or something just doesn't work as expected, let us know by using the Ask Tek page. We will get back you within a business day. As always, if you need something urgently, you can also contact your local Technical Support team.

System Outage for 8-NOV 7am-1pm PT

Tuesday , November , 03, 2020

TekAMS will be unavailable on Sunday 8-November from about 7am until approximately 1pm Pacific Standard Time for a scheduled maintenance event.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Sneak Peak of the new TekAMS

Thursday , October , 08, 2020

Tektronix is pleased to offer a Sneak Peak of the new TekAMS. This new version significantly changes the user interface, but retains all the functionality of the old system. The intent is to bring TekAMS more inline with the look and feel of the user experience, while offering additional guidance and help in managing your license inventory.

On the Videos/Webinars tab, there is a 6 minute video that does give a brief overview of the features of the new user interface.

Some things are still in progress, and there will be some changes coming over the next few weeks, including more help content, refined labeling, and more local language content. We believe all the functionality is complete, but if you run in to issues, use the new Ask An Expert function on the Help/FAQ page to get in touch directly to the Development team.

To return to the old user interface, you can always use your saved URL, or Go Back Here.

The new version of TekAMS will be live for all users beginning on 24-October31-October 13-November.

Alert: Exit Key Uploading Process is not functioning- RESOLVED

Monday , July , 27, 2020

Issue has been resolved as of 19:22 Pacific Time. Ability to upload exit keys should work normally now.

The ability to upload an exit key to TekAMS is currently not functioning. We expect to have this corrected by 16-July 9am Pacific time.

If you need immediate assistance, contact Technical Support, create a case, attach the exit key to the case, and they can perform the transaction on your behalf.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Something is Different

Saturday , July , 11, 2020

You may have noticed that TekAMS has changed a little. You are correct. We upgraded our infrastructure on 10-July-2020 and with it came several changes we hope will improve the user experience.

Here's a summary of the changes:

  1. Integration with User name/Password.
    a. A separate login is still required, but it will use the same user name and password as
    b. Synchronization between databases for user registration info has been eliminated.
    c. Removes separate “extranet” password.
    d. Removes separate “extranet access request”.
  2. Users can Log Out from application without closing window.
  3. New users only get 1 email to get access (registration link and claim check in one email).
    a. No “waiting” for the next email to be sent after registration.
    b. Users can re-send their claim check email after logging in.
  4. Removal of Separate Asset Table.
    a. No requirement to select a “Place” when setting up new instrument.
    b. Remove of errors during license checkout when the asset is setup incorrectly.
  5. Host ID acquisition instructions on the page when checking out a license.
  6. Removal of separate tab for Floating and Node Locked Inventory.
  7. New tab to show all orders for licenses.
  8. Enable License Key Managers to remove Users and re-send Invitations.