How to Apply a Maintenance License/Support Extension to a Perpetual License

Wednesday, January , 06, 2021

Tektronix offers some licenses as a "Perpetual License". These licenses will work on your device forever, but the ability to apply updates to the base software is limited after a period of time.

To extend the ability to update your software after the initial support contract has expired, you must purchase a "maintenance" or "support extension" license. Your purchases are shown on the "Extensions" tab in the "Licenses" module of TekAMS.

To apply these extensions to existing licenses, you can choose one of two methods:

  1. Using the base license as the source.
    1. Find the license in your list of licenses.
      • If you want to extend a license that is not currently in use, find the license in the inventory list and select "View Expiration Dates", then choose the "Extend Support" from the "License Actions" menu.
      • If you want to extend a license that is currently checked out to an instrument, find the license in inventory, click on the number in the "In Use" column, or select "View Inuse" from the license actions menu, and then select "Extend Support" from the "Inuse Actions" menu.
    2. Select from the list of support extensions available to you.
    3. Confirm the action to extend the support expiration date.
    4. If the license you are extending is not currently checked out, no further action is required.
    5. If the license you are extending is currently in use, the system will generate a new license file for you. Download that license and apply it to the device.
  2. Using the Support Extension as the Source.
    1. Go to the Extend Support Tab
    2. Find the Support Extension you want to consume and choose Apply to License
    3. Select either a license available in inventory or a license that is currently installed
    4. Confirm the old and new dates for the build expiration date.
    5. If you chose an installed license, you can download the new license and install it on your device.
    6. If you chose a license that is not installed, the next time you check out that license it will have the extended build expiration date

Installing Bandwidth Upgrades

Tuesday , December , 08, 2020

If you received a bandwidth upgrade installed at a Tektronix facility, your license may have already been generated and put in to your library.

After you log in, select the "Licenses" option from the top navigation bar, find the license in the list of available licenses, and view the "Licenses In use" either by clicking the number for in the Inuse column, or select "View Inuse" from the license action button.

Scroll through the list to find the Model/Serial/Host ID for the device you want to upgrad (or use the Apply Filter" to specify the device directly). The click the "Download" icon, or use the Download link in the "Inuse Actions" menu to download the .lic file to your PC or a USB Drive and move that file to the instrument.

The instrument bandwidth appears in the Help-> About menu near the top of the window, between the Model and Serial Number. (Unlike the other software licenses, the bandwidth license does not show up in the list of installed options.)

The license is installed by tapping the Install license at the bottom of the page and navigating to the license file. At the next power on the new Bandwidth will show below the Model.

Screen shot from MSO58 similar on all MSO4,5,6.

How to Find the Host ID of my Instrument or Device

Monday , July , 27, 2020

The Host ID is a value unique to the instrument and software platform. Different software platforms have different processes to determine the Host ID:

  • For "SignalVu-PC" users, the Host ID is located under the "Tools -> Licenses -> Manage" Menu.
  • For "SourceXpress" users will find the Host ID in the "select Help->About" Menu.
  • For "AWG70000A" users, the Host ID is located under the Utilities Tab under "About my AWG."
  • For "TekScope Anywhere" users, the Host ID is located in the "Help -> Install Options" Menu.
  • For "Kickstart" users, if you are installing KICKSTARTFL-BASE, open the application and click on the "Gear" icon in the upper right corner. Then click on "Manage Licenses". You will see your Host ID on the page. Copy the Host ID.
  • If you are installing "KICKSTARTFL-HRMA", open the application and click on the "key" icon in the upper right corner. On the subsequent license page, copy the Host ID.
  • For "DataVu-PC" users, the Host-ID is located in the License Manager menu.

How to add Users to Access the Company License Inventory

Monday , July , 27, 2020

If you wish others in your group/company to have access to the licenses, you can "Invite" them as a new user or manager.

On the top navigation, click on the "Software Licenses" application, then go to the "License Key Users" tab. If you have the right role, you can then click on the "Invite Other License Users” link and enter in the email addresses of the new user/manager. You can specify multiple email addresses here by separating them with commas.

After pressing “Submit” you will be presented with the list of users you just entered, and you can select from a list of Roles for each user.

The role choices are either "User" or "Manager". The only difference is that the "Manager" role can continue to invite other users, while the "User" role is limited to only license check in/check out functions.

In a few minutes, those users with each get emails with instructions on how to register and get access to the system.

License Key Manager's can also remove users from accessing the system from the "License Key Users" tabs. Licenses that are checked out by that user are still checked out, but are always accessible by the other users in the application.

If a user did not receive the emails, you can also re-send the emails from the "License Key Users" tab.

What is a Floating License?

Monday , July , 27, 2020

A "Floating" license is a software license that can be moved between different instruments at your company.

This license is "checked out" to instrument by using this TekAMS application. You begin the checkout process by selecting the license you want, the platform you will install the license on (either a Tektronix manufactured instrument, or your own personal computer or tablet). Then you will specify the instrument details that the license will be installed on. Based on the specific software and platform, you may be asked for a Model and Serial number, a Host ID, or all three.

After you enter that information, you may optionally specify additional "end user" information that makes sense for your organization.

The application will then generate a license key file that you can download and install on your device.

When you have finished using the software, you can then create an "Exit" file from the instrument that will uninstall the key from the device. You must then upload that "Exit" file to TekAMS. When that is complete, the "Floating" license will be available for another user to use on a different device.

There is not limit on the number of checkouts and checkins you can do on a floating license. However, the length of a check out can be as short as 4 hours, or as long as 4 years.

If the floating license hits its expiration date without an "Exit" file being generated, it will automatically stop working on the instrument and will be returned to available inventory.

As the expiration date approaches, the end user will get a "reminder" email indicating that the license is about to expire. They can either check in the license with the "exit" key process, or let the license expire and check out a new license.

What is a Claim Check?

Saturday , July , 11, 2020

A "Claim Check" is a method we use to link a user to a customer account. It is also used to ensure you own the email address that has been invited to use the system.

Claim Checks are specific to the user name you logged in to the system with, and are used only once.

Once a claim check has been redeemed, you will be associated with the company license inventory.

If you are related to more than one company, use the "CHANGE" link at the top of the page to make a different company inventory "Active".

You can only see inventory for one company at a time.

What is TekAMS?

Saturday , July , 11, 2020

Tektronix provides a variety of licenses depending on the product. The product license administration is through Tektronix Asset Management System (TekAMS). TekAMS has an easy to use web based interface that provides:

  • Inventory of all the licenses in the company account
  • Ability to Check-out a License
  • Ability to Check-in a License
  • Inventory of Licenses Checked out by a particular user
  • Inventory of all Licenses Checked out

TekAMS works like a library - a library of your company's software licenses.

  1. The company buys a software license. The person identified on the Tektronix Order becomes a "License Key Manager"
  2. That license becomes part of the company license inventory.
  3. A License Key Manager can invite other users to use the company license inventory. They can create other License Key Managers, or they can invite a "License Key User" who only has the ability to use the licenses available.
  4. When a user wants to use a license, they will "checkout" that license to the instrument.
  5. Some licenses can be installed on Tek manufactured equipment, or PC/Table devices running Tek software.
  6. During the check out process, you will need a combination of the Model name, Serial Number, and Host ID of the instrument.
  7. If the license you are checking out is of a "Floating" variety, you will be asked to specify the length of the check out. This can be between 4 hours, and 4 years.
  8. If the license is a "Node Locked" variety, the checkout will be forever and you are not asked for the duration.
  9. Download the license file and install it on your device.
  10. If the license is a "Floating" license, when you are done using the license, use the instrument software to generate an "exit key". This is a file that tells us you have removed the license from the device.
  11. You must then check in the license by uploading that "exit key".
  12. Once checked in, the license now becomes available for someone else to check out.