How to add Users to Access the Company License Inventory

Monday , July , 27, 2020

If you wish others in your group/company to have access to the licenses, you can "Invite" them as a new user or manager.

On the top navigation, click on the "Software Licenses" application, then go to the "License Key Users" tab. If you have the right role, you can then click on the "Invite Other License Users” link and enter in the email addresses of the new user/manager. You can specify multiple email addresses here by separating them with commas.

After pressing “Submit” you will be presented with the list of users you just entered, and you can select from a list of Roles for each user.

The role choices are either "User" or "Manager". The only difference is that the "Manager" role can continue to invite other users, while the "User" role is limited to only license check in/check out functions.

In a few minutes, those users with each get emails with instructions on how to register and get access to the system.

License Key Manager's can also remove users from accessing the system from the "License Key Users" tabs. Licenses that are checked out by that user are still checked out, but are always accessible by the other users in the application.

If a user did not receive the emails, you can also re-send the emails from the "License Key Users" tab.