How to Apply a Maintenance License/Support Extension to a Perpetual License

Wednesday, January , 06, 2021

Tektronix offers some licenses as a "Perpetual License". These licenses will work on your device forever, but the ability to apply updates to the base software is limited after a period of time.

To extend the ability to update your software after the initial support contract has expired, you must purchase a "maintenance" or "support extension" license. Your purchases are shown on the "Extensions" tab in the "Licenses" module of TekAMS.

To apply these extensions to existing licenses, you can choose one of two methods:

  1. Using the base license as the source.
    1. Find the license in your list of licenses.
      • If you want to extend a license that is not currently in use, find the license in the inventory list and select "View Expiration Dates", then choose the "Extend Support" from the "License Actions" menu.
      • If you want to extend a license that is currently checked out to an instrument, find the license in inventory, click on the number in the "In Use" column, or select "View Inuse" from the license actions menu, and then select "Extend Support" from the "Inuse Actions" menu.
    2. Select from the list of support extensions available to you.
    3. Confirm the action to extend the support expiration date.
    4. If the license you are extending is not currently checked out, no further action is required.
    5. If the license you are extending is currently in use, the system will generate a new license file for you. Download that license and apply it to the device.
  2. Using the Support Extension as the Source.
    1. Go to the Extend Support Tab
    2. Find the Support Extension you want to consume and choose Apply to License
    3. Select either a license available in inventory or a license that is currently installed
    4. Confirm the old and new dates for the build expiration date.
    5. If you chose an installed license, you can download the new license and install it on your device.
    6. If you chose a license that is not installed, the next time you check out that license it will have the extended build expiration date